Sugaronline Editorial - ICYMI: Sugaronline is evolving By Meghan Sapp

Published: 02/02/2018, 1:42:00 PM

Not everything is what it seems.

Not everything is what it seems.


Evolution, according to Darwin, is slow, with tiny mutations over time that may seem unnoticeable—until suddenly one day that fish walks on land. Sugaronline has been going through that process over the past months and years with small changes, but those changes are quickening: the butterfly is preparing to emerge from its chrysalis.

If you've received an email from one of the team in recent months or met us at a conference you'll have seen our new branding that, along with our new website and app coming soon, radically changes the appearance of Sugaronline. Fresh and modern. Some of our long-time members will be contacted soon to participate in our exclusive testing group to make sure everything is clear and easy to navigate prior to our hard launch. Keep an eye out for that invitation, or let us know if it’s something you would like to help us out with.

Our content is changing as well. You may have noticed some original reporting in years past but that's growing as well. From coverage of #BonsucroWeek in Nicaragua last month by our assistant editor for the Americas to simultaneous coverage this week and next from the Dubai Sugar Summit by yours truly and the Indian Sugar Summit by our Asian regional correspondent, we're able to provide in-depth industry coverage that the newswires miss.

As the trend in digital communications moves towards snippets and summaries in a world dominated by 140 characters, Sugaronline pivots towards deeper expertise and analysis that gets lost when skimming headlines. With new content providers coming on board over the next couple of months, a more streamlined membership structure and more tailored services including advisory, the new Sugaronline will stand out as the go-to place for the sugar and ethanol industry.

The key to survival is to evolve, and to thrive. This year is ramping up to be an exciting one: 25 years strong with an eye on the future needs of our global community. Thanks for being a part of that family. We're looking forward to your ideas and feedback to make sure the new us helps to create a more dynamic you so we can all thrive together.