BRAZIL: Mills in Alagoas state expected to increase cane crush in 2018/19

Published: 07/10/2018, 10:10:19 PM

The 2018/19 sugarcane crush in Brazil's Alagoas state, in the northeast part of the country, is expected to be greater than in 2017/18, due to better climate conditions, according to the local cane industry association Sindacucar-AL, reports Canaonline news website.

Mills in Alagoas are expected to crush 15 million tonnes of sugarcane this year, in comparison with 13 million tonnes in 2017/18. The sugarcane harvest in the state will start in about two months.

Alagoas suffered from rainfall deficits in previous years, but the current normality of the rain regimen is expected to help production to increase, according to Pedro Roberio Nogueira, president at Sindacucar-AL.

But despite the improvement in production, Alagoas is expected to undergo a recovery process over the next three harvests. In the 2018/19 season, 19 mills in the state should resume activities.

“We have an average historical production of 25 million tonnes of sugarcane per year and in the last three cycles, due to the rainfall deficit, we have suffered successive reductions in production,” said Nogueira.

“In the 2017/18 harvest, we managed to process 13 million tonnes of sugarcane, which was equivalent to a reduction of almost 50%,” he said.