BRAZIL: Dry weather continues to affect cane fields in centre-south

Published: 07/09/2018, 6:33:26 PM

Datagro Consulting firm says the weather in Brazil's centre-south region in June remained dry, according to Brazil's Jornal Cana news website.

The centre-south is where most of Brazil's sugarcane is produced and crushed.

Rainfall in the region has been below expectations since January. In June, rainfall was 29.4% below the historical average for the month, at 10.6 milimitres.

Dry weather has been damaging the quality of the sugarcane in the region, reducing productivity.

On the other hand, the lack of rainfall at the beginning of the harvest has favored a higher concentration of sucrose in the sugarcane. Decreased rainfall has also been positive for the pace of the cane crush in the region, where 176.98 million tonnes had been processed from April through the first half of June, equivalent to a 16.7% increase in relation to the same period of 2017. 

Since the start of the harvest in April, 3.3 days of milling were lost due to rains. Other 5.55 days of operations were suspended due to a truckers' strike in the end of May. By the same time last year, 14.3 days of production had been lost.

The forecast for the start of July continues to show predominantly dry weather for the sugarcane production region in the centre-south.