US: Fire causes US$200,000 damage to American Crystal plant

Published: 03/14/2018, 10:31:03 AM

A fire caused US$200,000 in damage to the American Crystal Sugar plant in East Grand Forks Tuesday afternoon, according to Minnesota's WDAZ news.

At 1:45pm, fire crews got a call from employees that there was a fire in the pulp dryer.

Firefighters said it was an "all call," with 20 people responding to battle the blaze.

They said it was a pretty significant fire, mostly contained in the pulp dryer.

Crews tell said they're not sure exactly what caused the fire, and this happens every few months.

"They have put procedures in place, so if this starts to happen and they catch it early on, they have internal fire suppression systems that can put it out, without them having to call us up, but it seems when it does get out of hand sometimes; it's pretty significant when we get called," said East Grand Forks Fire Department Assistant Chief Jeff Anderson.

Employees were evacuated/no one was injured.