BRAZIL: Lins mill to process 2.9 million tonnes of cane in 2018/19

Published: 03/13/2018, 2:44:45 PM

Lins mill, Brazilian sugarcane processor located in São Paulo state, expects to grind 2.93 million tonnes of cane in the 2018/19 season, which officially starts in April, up from the 2.8 million tonnes processed in the previous cycle, according to the newswire of Brazilian bioenergy industry association Udop.

The mill should use 56% of its processed cane to produce ethanol, and 44% to produce sugar.

Lins plans to produce 3.31 million bags of 50 kilos of sugar, and 135.4 million litres of ethanol this season.

"Brazil must produce 5 million tonnes less of sugar to reduce the oversupply in the world," said Bernardo Biagi, president at Lins mill.

Lins currently has 1,705 employees, 10% more than in the previous harvest.

The plant is receiving investment in expansion of the factory and cane planting, aimed at increasing its total grinding capacity to 4 million tonnes by 2020/21.