BRAZIL: Datagro estimates increase in ATR for 2017/18

Published: 01/10/2018, 3:22:33 PM

The 2017/18 sugarcane season in Brazil's centre-south, which ends on March 3, should present higher levels of Total Recoverable Sugars (ATR), consultancy firm Datagro Consultoria said, reports Udop news website.

Mills in the centre-south should produce the equivalent of 81.6 million tonnes in ATR this season, in comparison with 80.7 million tonnes in 2016/17.

Favourable climate and development of the sugarcane crop during the second half of 2016 and summer of the 2016/17 season have helped to achieve positive results. 

Datagro estimated earlier last year that mills in centre-south would start the 2017/18 season focused on sugar production, and then would gradually move to increase ethanol output.

However, the turn to ethanol from August 2017 occurred at a higher intensity than originally anticipated. Now, Datagro estimates that 53.6% of the raw material was used to produce ethanol this season, in comparison with its first estimate released in April 2017, of 52.6%.

Sugar production, which was initially estimated at 36.8 million tonnes, is now expected to reach 36.1 million tonnes. As of December 16, cumulative production for 2017 was at 35.58 million tonnes.

Ethanol production, which was previously estimated at 25.37 billion litres, is now expected to reach 26.05 billion litres.