PHILIPPINES: Cane loaders make harvesting more efficient

Published: 10/13/2017, 10:34:32 AM

Although a lot of machines are now used in sugarcane plantations in the Philippines, the Max Cane Loaders are making operations in sugar farms more efficient, according to the Philippines' Manila Times newspaper.

"The hauling and off-loading of newly harvested sugarcanes and bagasse is faster with the Max Crane Loaders, and can replace the workers who used to do the manual hauling and off-loading," said a representative of All Certified Equipment Trading Corp. (ACETC), the authorized distributor of the farm machine in the Philippines.

The Max Cane Loader is powered by the DEUTZ F3L192 55-hp engine that is made in the United States. It is linked to a planetary gear drive that assures 95% transfer of power to the wheels, that allows the cane loader to traverse various types of terrains. All the controls of the Max Cane Loader are hydraulic that provides easier operation.

The loading capacity of the Max Cane Loader is 500 kilograms and has a lift height of 5.1 metres. ACETC is also the exclusive distributor of Massey-Ferguson tractors in the Philippines.

In cropping year 2015/16, the Philippines had about 413,000 hectares of land devoted to sugar production, according to the Sugar Regulatory Administration.