BRAZIL: Drought should reduce sugarcane milling in centre-south

Published: 10/04/2017, 2:38:54 PM

The drought reaching Brazil's centre-south during the past 115 days has led to a reduction in the estimates for sugarcane crush in some regions, in part compensated by the improvement in sucrose concentration on plants, says Datagro, according to Brazil's Uagro news website.

Datagro reduced its projection on cane grinding in 2017/18 from 605 million tonnes to 601 million tonnes, and increased its estimates for industrial productivity from 133 kilos of Total Recoverable Sugars (ATR) per tonne of cane to 133.86 kg ATR/tc, down 0.9% from the previous crop.

Estimate for ethanol production in the centre-south was slightly changed from 24.985 billion litres to 24.976 billion litres, of which 480 million litres is corn ethanol.

Projections for sugar production remain unchanged at 36.8 million tonnes.

Sugarcane milling in all of the cane production regions in Brazil should total 644.9 million tonnes, with an industrial yield of 133.73 kg ATR/tc, down 1.1% from the previous harvest.