Russia may restrict sugar imports from Kazakhstan and Belarus

Published: 09/13/2017, 3:07:28 PM

Russia may impose restrictions on sugar import from Kazakhstan and Belarus, said Alexander Tkachev, Minister of Agriculture of Russia to Vedomosti newspaper, according to Kazakhstan's KazTAG.

"On one hand we have overproduction of sugar which we are supposed to import. On the other hand- we see unfair policy of the partners, Belarus and Kazakhstan, who deliver sugar from the third states to our market," he said.

He said these states import raw sugar without duties, process it, and sell cheap sugar, including to Russia.

In his words, it makes pressure on the market. Since August until September sugar prices has dropped from RUB44 (US$0.76) to RUB26 per kilo.

He said the Agriculture Ministry must take measures to bring order on the market of the Eurasian Economic Union.