PRESS RELEASE: Agri-food chain Roundtable for Plant Protection raises concerns for the sector

Published: 06/25/2015, 1:53:44 PM

Yesterday, MEP Anthea McIntyre along with the Agri-food chain Roundtable for Plant Protection, consisting of 19 EU associations including C.I.B.E. - International Confederation of European Beet Growers, hosted an event in the European Parliament where they presented their concerns regarding the EU’s current approach to the shaping of European policy and legislation on plant protection products (PPP), and their impact along the agri-food chain.

‘Solutions are urgently needed to ensure the competitiveness of the entire agri-food chain and the supply of high quality products for European consumers. A regulatory framework that allows for innovation is key in ensuring the availability of suitable plant protection solutions.’– said Mr. Thorgrimsson, Vice-Chair of the Agri Food Chain Roundtable.