INDONESIA: Mills want licence suspended for companies facilitating illegal trade

Published: 09/30/2018, 1:39:31 AM

Indonesia`s sugarcane farmers association has urged the Trade Ministry to suspend the business license of refined sugar companies that are proven to mastermind the commodity`s illegal outflow to the markets in some areas in Java Island, according to Indonesia's Antara news agency.

"The statement of the Trade Ministry`s Director for Commercial Code of Conduct in the media on the suspension or revoke of business license of companies behind the leaking (of refined sugar) is clear," Chairman of the National Council of the Indonesian Sugarcane Farmers Association (DPN APTRI) Soemitro Samadikoen said in a statement here on Thursday.

The absence of legal consequences would cause the perpetrators to continue their actions fearlessly, he noted.

Samadikoen stressed that farmers have been waiting for the government`s strict measures as they have become the most affected party in the practice.

"Frankly, until now, no refined sugar company has had its license revoked when almost every year we have been reporting the leak and submitted evidence too," he stated.

Samadikoen has also questioned the report submitted by APTRI to the police` Criminal Investigation Unit (Bareskrim).

In the report, APTRI disclosed its findings on refined sugar leaking allegedly committed by PT Duta Sugar Internasional, PT Berkah Manis Makmur, and PT Jawa Manis Rafinasi in Pontianak, Banjarmasin, Tangerang, and Cianjur.

The association has also submitted legal report against seven traders who sold refined sugar in retail market.

Samadikoen disclosed that farmers` sugar was now piled up in warehouses as it could not be sold.

Earlier last week, the Director for Commercial Code of Conduct of the Trade Ministry Wahyu Widayat remarked that the illegal distribution of refined sugar in retail markets has affected farmers and local producers.

"Clearly, this has affected them because refined sugar, which should be used in industry, was sold in retail market. This has made the local sugar to be `outplayed` in the market," he pointed out.