HONDURAS: Sugar production reaches 11.6 million quintals in 2017/18

Published: 08/10/2018, 8:50:27 AM

The 2017/18 sugarcane harvest in Honduras has closed with the production of 11.6 million quintals of sugar, 200,000 quintals more than the 11.4 million quintals produced in the previous season, according to Honduras' La Tribuna news website.

About 67% of Honduras' total production is sold in the domestic market and the rest is exported.

Carlos Melara, director of the Association of Sugar Producers of Honduras (APAH), said that sugar prices this year fell to levels registered in 2008, and revenues from exports are expected to decline.

"At most, we will reach US$60 million or US$65 million in revenues and this depressed price could be extended for another year," he said.

Melara said that the sugar production season usually lasts six months.

A large volume of the total production this year has been exported to Taiwan. Melara hopes that Honduras will be able to sell sugar to South Korea next year, where he believes the quality of the Honduran sugar could help producers achieve good prices.