BRAZIL: Sugarcane production in northeast expected to increase in 2018

Published: 05/07/2018, 4:52:23 PM

The sugarcane production in Brazil's northeast is expected to grow this year, due to favorable climatic conditions, according to Pernambuco's sugarcane industry association Sindacucar-PE, reports Folha de Pernambuco news website.

Cane crush in Pernambuco state should total 12.2 million tonnes in 2018/19, in relation to 10.9 million tonnes in 2017/18, according to Sindacucar-PE.

In Pernambuco, there should be an increase due to climate recovery. Rains were more present this offseason and if they continue until August, with some milder summer rains during the harvest, we can have a 10% to 12% recovery (in production) compared to the last harvest, said Renato Cunha, president of Sindacucar-PE, Renato Cunha.

The northeastern sugarcane sector has also benefited from investment in expansion at some production areas.

The 12.2 million tonnes of sugarcane expected to be grinded this season is still lower than the historical average of 15 million tonnes, but Cunha said that this production signs the start of recovery for the cane sector in the region.

In 2017/18, mills in Pernambuco produced 760,000 tonnes of sugar and 330 million litres of ethanol.

Ethanol production should be the major focus of the cane industry in the state, following the trend in also expected for mills in the centre-south, as consumption increases amid the implementation of the governmental program to incentivize demand RenovaBio.

Cunha said the sugarcane sector tends to become more and more focused on ethanol production because of steady demand and better prices for the biofuel in relation to sugar.