NICARAGUA: Sugar exports up 28.2% in 2017

Published: 02/13/2018, 4:36:22 PM

Nicaragua exported 8.45 million quintals of sugar in 2017, up 28.2% from the previous year, data from the country's public agency for exports Cetrex shows, according to Nicaragua's El Nuevo Diario newspaper.

Revenue from sugar exports totaled US$180.3 million, up 61.3% from 2016. .

Mills in Nicaragua crushed 16.17 million quintals of sugarcane in 2016/17, up 18% from the previous harvest, according to national sugar production association CNPA.

In the 2015/16 harvest, sugarcane fields were affected by negative weather conditions and crushed only 13.7 million quintals.

Total cane crush last year wasn't enough to surpass the record production of 2014, as expected by CNPA's general manager, Mario Amador, earlier this year. In 2014, mills in the country crushed 16.45 million quintals of sugarcane.

Amador has recently said that the U.S. is the main export market for Nicaragua's sugar. Taiwan is also becoming an important market for the product, and almost doubled its quota for sugar imports from Nicaragua to 60,000 quintals annually later last year.