BRAZIL: IBGE sees sugarcane harvest at 712.1 million tonnes in 2017/18

Published: 08/11/2017, 3:19:01 PM

Brazil's national production of sugarcane is expected to reach 712.1 million tonnes in the current 2017/18 season, according to estimates by the government's statistics agency IBGE released Thursday, reports Sugaronline.

The estimate is 0.8% higher than total production in the 2016/17 harvest, and up 1.2% from IBGE's previous estimate from June.

IBGE reviewed its estimates up for sugarcane production in four Brazilian states: São Paulo (+1.4%), Goiás (+10.9%), Espírito Santo (13.1%) and Tocantins (12.7%).

São Paulo, Brazil's largest sugarcane-producing state, responsible for 54.4% of the total production, increased its planted area by 5.1% and had a 3.4% reduction in the average productivity.

In Goiás, total planted area jumped 10.2%, while Espírito Santo and Tocantins saw an increase in productivity due to more rain than previously expected.