BRAZIL: Sugar shipments through Santos seen reaching 19.13 million tonnes in 2017

Published: 07/14/2017, 3:38:11 PM

Brazil's Santos port is expected to move 19.13 million tonnes of sugar in bulk in 2017, up 3.8% from 2016, according to Brazil's Portos e Navios news website.

Port authority Codesp reduced the projection for sugar exports in relation to the previous forecast released in January, when it said Santos port was going to move 20.32 million tonnes of sugar shipments in bulk this year.

The projection was reviewed based on data about sugarcane grinding in Brazil's centre-south by sugarcane industry association UNICA.

Since the beginning of this season in April through the second half of June, cane crushing in the centre-south totaled 198.75 million tonnes, down 7.81% from the same period last year, according to data released by UNICA this week.