ARGENTINA: Sugar production by mills in Tucumán totals 300,000 tonnes

Published: 07/14/2017, 3:37:18 PM

Mills located in the Argentinian province of Tucumán produced 300,000 tonnes of sugar so far this season, according to the Sergio Fara, president of the regions' independent union for sugarcane growers UCIT, according to Argentina's Portal Caña news website.

Fara said this volume is in line with expectations, and is a consequence of good weather for sugarcane production.

The head of UCIT said producers hope that the price paid for sugarcane will be maintained or increased in order to guarantee a good year for the sector.

"We expect prices to adjust to the reality of the circumstances," he said. "They have been improving better than last year, but we hope that they will be increased a bit more..."

Fara added that mills in the region have commitments to export 25% of the total sugar production by July 31.